Imploded Lives

Regular people going about their usual lives and business. On a busy day, on the streets of Los Angeles, the lives of the randomly chosen will change forever. All of them are fated to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of them will become hostages in one of the most remarkable bank robberies of all time.
Two disguised men calling themselves Mr. Abbott and Mr. Costello and speaking only in electronically altered voices take the bank, and the hostages, in broad daylight. Three police agencies and a SWAT Team surround the building and the media films the bank from all visible angles. Everyone is locked in place and everyone is watching.
A police negotiator arrives on the scene and engages Mr. Abbott, seeking to assure the safety of the hostages and the non-violent surrender of the perpetrators. The police command considers all possible moves and the negotiator takes center stage. After several communications, the hostages slowly walk from the bank and are greeted by the waiting police and paramedics. As the hostages are interviewed by the police, the building is cleared room by room. No one remains inside. With hundreds of eyes on the building throughout the crisis, both the hostages and almost seven hundred thousand dollars have disappeared---it doesn’t seem possible. The perpetrators and the money are simply gone.
The robbery and the media attention exposes secrets that forever change the lives of some of the hostages. The personal trauma for some of them has just begun, as the ripple effects of the robbery and the national media attention it brings turns their worlds upside down and threatens their future lives. LAPD Detectives Stacey Gray and Jeff Butler begin an incredible journey to discover what happened; how the perpetrators and the money just disappeared leaving no forensic evidence. Who are they? Where are they? Where is the money? And the tenacious detectives will not give up—no matter what.


The Whistleblower Onslaught

When experienced employment attorney Scott Winslow takes on a whistleblower case for a fired energy company executive, actions are set in motion that will change lives forever. As he pursues the lawsuit, he discovers government records have been changed to hide corporate liability in the wake of a mine explosion. He then discovers that the records keeper was blackmailed by a covert entity hired to protect the company. And something else--there is someone out there who wants the case dismissed at all costs; enough to threaten, bribe and even kidnap Scott’s two young children.

Altering Destiny

The story of Lynn Kelly, whose dreams upon discovery of a million dollars in cash soon become nightmares, as she is relentlessly pursued for the money and something else—something she doesn’t even know that she has. When Lynn discovers what she has stumbled upon, she soon learns that there is no way back and nowhere to turn. Neither her unidentified pursuers, not the police, can allow her to publicly reveal what she has discovered. As Lynn attempts to run, people around her are used as pawns in a game with no limits. Lynn’s pursuers will stop at nothing to recover the money and the object.

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Sealing Fate

Successful attorney and newly elected California Congressman Brian Madsen has a ten year marriage to his beautiful wife and seems to have it all and has done everything right—until now. At his inaugural celebration, a congratulatory kiss from a campaign staffer becomes passionate lovemaking in an upstairs bathroom. The guilt he is awaiting never finds him—but obsession does. Brian becomes involved in an embroiling affair and his fate is sealed. A fate that will lead to blackmail, murder and mortal danger to anyone Brian turns to for assistance, until there is nowhere left to turn.